Increase twitter followers to 10000 in a week – 2020

Increase twitter followers to 10000 in a week – 2020

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Today, We will guide you on “how to increase Twitter followers in 2020 massively within a week without getting banned”

There have been many different guides online on how to increase Twitter followers but virtually most of the guides don’t work or may work but the user will end up getting his account banned or suspended.

Twitter is one of the best and influencial social media with a lot of big shots and celebrities commanding their authority through huge number of followers. you can also be in their shoes if you carry out these simple steps;

First of all you must be equipped with these tools, in order to achieve success;

  1. Laptop
  2. A twitter account
  3. Time
  4. Internet connection.

Once you have these ready, count yourself a Twitter celebrity under a week, now I will show you what to do in order to achieve “10,000” followers under a week.

Firstly you need to install the power booster chrome extension, you can do that by clicking on this link

If you have installed it successfully, then this is what to do next,

login to your Twitter account, once you do that you will start saying the power booster tools and the topmost section of your Twitter page, you will see actions like like or, retweet all, follow all etc,

Now search for trending topics within your vicinity, and follow 500-1000 persons per per topic, you have high chances of being followed back by 60% of those you followed. Let’s say you followed 1000 people in a particular topic and 600 follows back, you will have 600 followers automatically, repeat same process for 5 trending topics = 600×5 = 3000 followers in a day,

This strategy has been practiced many times and it works perfectly fine,

Now you can increase twitter followers to any number you want in 2020 without spending a dime, just give it your time.

How to increase twitter followers
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How to increase twitter followers
This is a detailed guide on how to increase Twitter followers to up to 10,000 without getting banned or suspended by Twitter.
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