Nigerian celebrities react to the death of Majek Fashek [ARTICLE]

Nigerian celebrities react to the death of Majek Fashek [ARTICLE]

The music star’s death was announced via his Instagram page on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Since the news broke, a lot of people have been reacting to the demise of one of Nigeria’s greatest music export.

As usual, some celebrities have come to express their feelings over the death of the reggae music icon. A lot of them had personal experiences with him while others just praised his singing prowess and music career.

Here are some of the reactions from your favourite celebs over the death of Majek Fashek.

1. Dr Sid

Dr Sid. [Instagram/IamDrSid]

Dr Sid recounts the time his parents attended a concert organised by the late reggae icon and how he fell in love with his music immediately.

2. Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw

Instagram/ Kate Henshaw

The actress also shared some of her favourite songs by the music icon who according to her reamins an extraordinary and gifted musician.

3. Ruggedman

Ruggedman. [Instagram/Ruggedman]

Ruggedman advised those who have started playing Majek Fashek’s music on TV and radio to also remember to play those of older artists.

4. Bovi

Bovi [Instagram/OfficialBovi]

Bovi thanked Majek Fashek for his political and socially conscious music which passed a lot of good messages across. The comedian in a lengthy post via his Instagram page, pleaded with the music icon to pass across some messages to some people who have passed away.

Sammy Jemmy

Sammy Jemmy

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